Lease & Operating Expense Review

Through this process we review the accuracy of charges and identify any errors or overcharges which may exist.

As an example in 2012 our finance team uncovered an error in which a client had been over-billed for approximately 200 square feet. In this case, we were able to save the client over $40,000.

We do not share in this savings, however, demonstrate the level of thoroughness with which we work.

Leases are typically signed and filed away.  Every year operating expenses for the building are passed through to tenants ,yet very few go back to verify and thoroughly review what was negotiated at the time the lease was executed.  In addition, these costs may be out of line with market values.

We are able to provide a distilled version of lease(s) to quickly verify critical terms and dates without having to sift through multiple pages of a lease.

Begin Saving Today

For a no cost, no obligation evaluation, please provide the following:

  • All amendments to the lease
  • Expenses and real estate tax
  • Reconciliation statements from base year of lease

*Note- Leases from within a few years of expiring have more leverage to recover overcharges since most landlords prefer to retain tenancy or to be referred to as part of the re-negotiation.  When errors are discovered, they are compounded by the amount of time the tennant has occupied the location.

We encourage our clients to use this information to approach the landlord or we can assist with the process.  We keep this information completely confidential unless asked to follow up directly with the landlord.